Behind the Scenes Look into The Pirates League at Disney World

Perhaps you have heard of the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique. You know, the magical place that all young girls go to be transformed into a Disney Princess?

It seriously is an enchanting experience. And to see the light in your little one’s eyes as they are sprinkled with Pixie Dust and then see themselves as a true Princess. It doesn’t get much cuter!

Buuttt what if you’ve already done the BBB? Or what if your child isn't really into the Princesses? Or maybe your son doesn’t want a be a Knight? Because, yes, they DO offer Knight Makeovers.

Well, here enters the lesser known makeover joint of Disney World.  The Pirates League

Looks like a piece of paradise to me!

I mean, the name itself sounds pretty darn awesome, don’t you think?

This past June, when we were making our Disney World plans, my daughter requested a trip to the BBB. She has been twice before, once at 4 years old and again at age 7. And while I would have loved to make reservations for a makeover at the BBB, this was more of a last minute trip (less than 4 months away), and of course, there was no availability.

What’s a mom to do?
Head to the Pirates League of course!

A pano of the Pirates League Entrance. It is SO cool in person!

A pano of the Pirates League Entrance. It is SO cool in person!

Because the Pirates League is a little bit less ‘well-known’ in Disney World, we were able to snag one of the last openings for our day in Magic Kingdom. And I am soooo glad we did so that I can not only tell you all about it and why it’s great, but also because it was such a special experience for my daughter ;)

Now, I won’t be giving away EVERY detail below (because a little mystery and surprise makes the experience even more fun for your own family), but you’ll have a much better idea of what you can expect at this magical place.

---> One great thing about the Pirate’s League is that they do offer several different package options, and even with the add-on of a costume, it still cost less than the Castle Package at the BBB.  For our own trip my daughter chose the Empress Package with the add-on of a pirate costume. Be sure to check what all is included with each package, as they do differ.

A little note of advice: if you know your child will want a costume with their package then make sure you have an extra change of clothes and room in your park bag to put the costume if  they want to change later on, or make your appointment for later in the day. Sometimes those costumes can get a little itchy, especially during the hottest times of the year.

Spinning the 'name' chest!

Spinning the 'name' chest!

Upon arrival and check-in, my daughter was thrilled to find out that she would be getting her own special PIRATE NAME! She spun the special ship’s wheel, and they used the blocks inside the chest + her birthday month to determine her new name.

We then were able to enter the lair. (They don’t really call it that, but I think it fits.)

Inside Pirates League

After changing into her costume, we then waited to be called by her Pirate Captain and the makeover began.

The Pirate that helped my daughter was really such a joy! So funny, cracking jokes and asking her pirate questions while her nails were painted and makeup was applied. One of my daughter's favorite things about the BBB is having her nails painted, so the fact that she was able to here as well was like icing on the cake! She was also given a small drawstring bag with her lip gloss, nail polish and other extras to take with her.

After the completion of her makeover, he then led her to recite a special pledge. (Which had us all laughing by the end).

Pirates League

Before the final (secret) part of the experience (which is what I won’t be revealing in this post), the makeover was completed with a Pirate League sash, sword and special pledge certificate!

Which Roo thought was the ultimate.

Pirates Pledge

Everyone here was so into character, and while I love the BBB, you can expect The Pirates League to be…

  • A little louder with more activity! (in a good way)

  • Sprinkled with little surprises along the way that make the experience extra special for kids (or adults).

  • The perfect place for guys and gals alike to be immersed in a Pirate world! Whether becoming Captain Hook or a Mermaid, the entire experience is full of fun.

  • Often a little more budget friendly when it comes to packages that include costumes.

Pirate Princess

Overall, we were so glad to be able to experience something new and create memories that we will NEVER forget!

Soo if you’ve got a boy who would prefer a manlier setting and wants to join Captain Jack Sparrow’s Crew, or a daughter who sometimes likes to live on the wilder side of life, than The Pirates League is the place to be, mate. ;)

Have you ever been to the Pirates League? Let us know about your experience below! 

Until next time, God Bless!

XOXO- Lauren