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It’s time to do Disney DIFFERENTLY

Custom Crafted Disney World Vacations for World Traveling Families

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Have you 'sort of' been wanting to take your kids to Disney World,
but are afraid you'll be wasting your time on a 'theme park' vacation?

Do you have a world traveling family who prefers vacations that are full of unique experiences and adventure?

Are you or your spouse dreading the thought of a big vacation to somewhere that is 'just for kids'?

You travel because you love the experience. Not just to take a ‘trip’


 This isn’t your neighbor’s Disney Vacation



If you’ve ever been told that ‘Disney is just for kids’ or have been lead to believe that there are only a handful of things to do at Disney World besides roller coasters… you’ve been misinformed.

And it’s time to set the record straight.

You can actually take your family to Disney World,
and as a parent, enjoy it as much as (or even more than) your kids!

Disney is far from just roller coasters and pictures with Mickey.
Which is why I work as a travel planner to help clients like you experience the happiest place on earth like it was meant to be.

With vacation itineraries created from scratch and based on your unique family,
you’ll be able to start planning, and stop dreading.

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