How to Avoid Toddler (and adult) Meltdowns at Disney World

Let's face it... there is nothing worse than the dreaded meltdown of an exhausted toddler or child, while at the most magical place on earth. We've all seen it.

Maybe you've been that parent. Maybe you've SEEN that parent (and felt oh so sorry for them).

Either way, it stinks. Because you planned your vacation so that your family could enjoy themselves! Not cry like someone just ran over their puppy and complain about everything in sight. It happens. But is there a way to avoid it?

Is there a way we can help ourselves and our family have a more magical time while at Disney World? 

Well, I say... there is!

how to avoid meltdown

There are a few things to always consider when you are planning a Disney World Vacation, and these items are always at the top of mind when planning Disney Vacations for my clients. So today, I'm sharing them with YOU!

Let's begin, shall we?

1. REALLY consider staying near the parks, at an on-site hotel. Most of us will agree that time is our most valuable commodity, and the thing you really lose when staying off-site, IS TIME. Staying closer to the parks allows you to get back to your resort room quickly if your child (or yourself) needs a nap, to freshen up, or just relax. 

2. As mentioned above, plan on taking a nap. Or at LEAST a 'break' during the day. If I could only give you one piece of advice when traveling to Disney World, it's this one.
One day, me and my family walked over 20 miles while at 'The World'. Yes, you read that right. TWENTY MILES. (Epcot is rather large) Do yourself and your family a favor and plan on a break during the day. If you don't want to nap, take a dip in your resort pool or relax and grab a snack at the snack bar. You won't be sorry.


3. Pack their favorites. Whether it's their favorite healthy snack, stuffed Mickey or a handheld video game. Although many of the attraction lines have some interesting things to look at and/or activities to keep kids occupied, not all do. Having one of their favorite things to keep them occupied during longer wait times can be a life saver! (For you & them)

She was so little at age 4! 

She was so little at age 4! 

4. Don't make them walk the entire time. Rent a stroller. Now, I'll be honest. When my daughter visited Disney World at the age of 4, we didn't use a stroller. But I kinda wish we had. (Sometimes having a stroller stresses me out more than not having a stroller, but this one is really based on YOUR kids.) If your child can't walk long distances without constantly asking to be carried, or you don't want to end up carrying them for hours, consider renting a stroller (if you are not bringing your own). Believe me, you will not be the only family with a stroller at Disney World (make sure you mark it well for easy spotting in the crowd). AND there are even stroller rental companies that deliver them to your resort and pick them up when you leave. Making it crazy convenient and easy on you as a parent! What's not to love?


Well, that's a wrap. Do YOU have a tip that helps your kids, and the adults in your family, stay happy and sane while on vacation? Please share it below in the comments!

I hope that you and your family have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!