The girl behind the blog you're reading

My daughter, The Roo (yes that's a nickname), is often reminding us that someday she wants to see the Eiffel Tower and The Great Wall of China. And when I think of those places along with the awe that surrounds them… my excitement grows.

For those of you who may not know me, My name is Lauren, and I'm a travel planner.  Helping parents plan amazing and completely unforgettable vacations for themselves and/or their families, is where my passions & talents collide. And when my daughter reminds us about the far-away places she wants to visit one day, my travel planning heart beats a little bit faster.

Because the truth is, it’s not always about WHERE you go, it’s about WHO your with. It’s not about WHAT the place has to show you, it’s about what UNEXPECTED treasures you discover. And it’s not just about getting away for relaxation, but it’s about having fun and experiencing new things.

Things that make your mouth drop because they are so mesmerizing. Things that make you cry because it feels like you’re a kid again. Things that make you laugh because you remember the vacation fun. Things that create unforgettable memories and learning experiences that last a LIFETIME.

That is why I travel. That is why I am a Travel Planner.

Many people think it’s the ultimate job. And quite frankly, to me it is! But it isn’t always rosy. It isn’t fun and games. It’s work. But it’s my work. It’s my passion. And I love my work and the families I get to befriend and help.

It’s like I get to travel with them, whether it’s to Disney World, Europe or on a Cruise Ship. I get to help make it happen. And also be there for them even if things go wrong… (because sometimes the world is crazy).

So where do YOU want to go? What do your children or grandchildren want to see in real life, that they have only seen in the pages of a book? Life is short, and there are so many beautiful pieces of the Lord’s creation that are WAITING to be seen.

And now, I welcome you! To my blog, to my life, to the world of a travel planner who is nuts about family, fun and experiences.

Not only will you be able to find me a few times a month here on the blog, but also DAILY at my Facebook hub, where I share even more travel tips, planning help and destination updates to keep you in the know! So be sure to join me there, I cannot wait to get to know you better.