Are you ready to take everything from these past 12 days
and actually keep putting things in to action?

It can be difficult to make new habits stick, and after everything you have discovered about yourself, you want to have the support and accountability to keep that momentum going!

I put together this 3 month coaching package specifically for the lovely ladies who joined my 12 Day Intensive, as a way for you to have 1:1 coaching and access to me,
to continue your amazing journey and solidify everything you have gained!

Unlike my regular 3 month coaching package, this one is designed with YOU in mind, as you finish out the intensive.

And includes an added bonus of...

1 complimentary *EMERGENCY* coaching call!

that can be used at any time during our 3 months of coaching.

Here are all the details for what is included in your package!

3 Months of 1:1 Coaching: $239 per month ($717 total)

*And as always, if you choose to make 1 full payment you will receive a 5% discount* (Woo-hoo!)


So what will happen after you click, let's get started?!

- You'll schedule a day (like, soon!) to have a quick chat so that all of your questions can be answered and we can go over what is included in your coaching!
- After that, I'll email you the coaching agreement & invoice and it's GO TIME, girl!


Ready to keep making all of those 'imagines' a reality?!

Life is too short to stay at status quo, and what's beyond it is sooo much better!
(As we have discovered over the last 2 weeks, huh?!)

To say I am excited to get started coaching 1:1 with you, is an UNDERSTATEMENT.

Let's schedule our pre-coaching chat and GET STARTED!

  1. Do you have any formal training? - Absolutely! You can find out more about my training with the Coaches Training Institute HERE. It's one of the best in the world!
  2. What exactly IS co-active coaching? - Co-active coaching is a particular coaching style, method and way of thinking in the coaching industry. To see more explanation just look right HERE!
  3. How and where are sessions held? - I use video calls for all of my coaching sessions (usually via Skype). It might sound crazy that you can get amazing coaching over phone and video (I thought that at first too), but the proof is in the pudding! AND it allows us to work together no matter where you live, while saving you the time, hassle and stress of driving from point A to B.

These past 12 days have really given us a great chance to get to know each other a little better, but if you're still wondering about who I am and what I love... here ya go!

I'm not just a Coaches Institute Trained (CTI) Coach. I'm also a wife, momma and 'Lauren'. I love to fly fish and ski, can't resist a warm cookie, sing & dance my heart out when no one is looking and I get excited over movie nights at home! (Because what's better than eating popcorn snuggled up in your jammies?!) I've been through a lot of ups, downs, confusion, fears and obstacles in my life... and I am here because of YOU! Supporting and coaching women just like you brings me crazy joy (fulfillin' those values!), and I am excited to see how much more you discover and flourish through 1:1 coaching!