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You've got awesome ideas set in place for the new year, but you're wondering if you will ACTUALLY make them happen this time.

It seems like in years past, you set goals fully intending to make them happen,
but it's like no matter how hard you try, you just never get there.

You're worried about what other people think, you can't seem to get things 'perfect' enough and you always lose that excitement and momentum a few weeks in.

Wouldnt it be stinking awesome if you knew without a doubt, that you were going to make those important things actually happen?!

You: not letting those distractions get in your way.

You: being able to handle those people that are so discouraging.

You: being able to understand why your getting overwhelmed,
and knowing yourself well enough to DO something about it.

You: keeping that excitement and making those goals HAPPEN!

Sounds pretty good huh?

I've struggled through those same things too many times to count, and after working with clients (and myself) I discovered that the biggest thing keeping us from achieving the things we want so badly, is not that we are 'doing it wrong', it's that we are not BEING the person that CAN make those things happen.

Time and time again we try strategy after strategy, but we end up in the same place every time!
Am I right, or am I right?
Which is why I'm starting something new this year!

If you're ready to become the woman that CAN make your goals happen... without going crazy
(Because life is crazy enough), you are in the right place! And this 12 day intimate group intensive is for YOU!

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January 15 - 26, 2017

For 12 days I will be working with ONLY 25 women, to help you overcome those obstacles
and bypass the fizzling out that so often comes after the new year.

By the end of the 12 days you will be able to:

Define ‘right’ for yourself, your decisions and your uniqueness, not for all the onlookers.

Discover why sometimes you end up feeling completely overwhelmed and drained with what your doing. And be able to turn things around yourself!

Be able to better handle friends and family in your life who are unsupportive.

Build up the characteristics you need to make sure you stay on top of your goals and make life work for you, not the other way around!

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This is not a group challenge to tell you HOW to achieve your goals, it's a group intensive to help you BE the YOU that CAN make your goals and wants happen!

How it will work:

You will be receiving your own digital workbook for notes and activities that will propel you forward, and help make the most out of the 12 days!

The intensive will take place in an exclusive Facebook group, where I will be going live daily to bring you the day's prompt, answer your questions and give you support like no other.

For 12 days, you will have access to me through the Facebook group and by email for EXTRA support, questions and help along the way!

I want this to be a transformation that you can carry with you always,
Not just another 'challenge' that you forget about 2 weeks later

It'll be like having a coach in your pocket for 12 days!

So if you're ready to make 2017 the year that everything changes for the better, let's get started!