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You want...

Your kids to experience Disney, but you cringe at the thought of a ‘theme park’  vacation.

Maybe you've...  

Been to disney before and kind of want to go back, But feel like it will just be a repeat of everything.


But you Don't want...

Just the ‘usual’.
You want unique experiences that create lifelong memories and leave you saying ‘WOW'.

And more importantly, make YOU just as happy as they make your kids.     




But, can you actually get that at Disney World?

Oh yes, my friend. You absolutely can.





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Have you ever heard someone say that Disney World is huge? That might be an understatement.
There are so many different sites, resorts, activities and dining options at WDW,
that you could spend 2 full weeks there and not experience them all.

But it seems like almost everyone is doing the same things, right?

And not all of them might be what YOUR family enjoys.

Which is where my passion for experiencing Disney like a real traveler,
meets your frustrations and needs.


So what is different about my planning process?

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You won’t find me scratching the surface around here. I love getting to really know my clients. Not only what you love and don’t love, but your personality, preferences and expectations… so that I can craft a truly customized vacation that is perfect for YOU.

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Family vacations should be for the family. Not just for your kids. A common misconception about Disney World, is that you just go for your kids, or everything there is just for kids. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I believe that your vacation should evolve around EVERY member of your family, so that ALL of you can have a vacation that leaves you better connected, refreshed and most of all, excited (before and during your trip)!

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I don’t believe in cutting corners for the cheapest options. As your personal planner, my goal is to create a vacation that gives you the best value possible, without sacrificing your experience and time. Your vacation should be tailored to your personal definition of enjoyment, excitement, simplicity and value.

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 Vacations should always be about new and fun experiences, never just a 'trip'.  There is no one size fits all. Which is why you won't find me taking orders like a drive through window. By combining your family's interests & needs with my Disney knowledge and planning expertise, I create a customized vacation itinerary specifically for your family. Saving you precious time & sanity, and setting you up for a family vacation that exceeds your expectations!






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If you've ever had a frustrating travel experience and wished someone reliable was there to help.
If you've ever wanted to visit a location but wanted to make sure you had contact with an expert
who knew the ins & outs of a destination.
If you never want to take your family on just a 'trip',
but want to travel for lifelong memories and new experiences you'll never forget. 

If so... I think we are going to get along great!

I've felt all of those things. Which is why I work as travel planner for clients like you.
My passion for travel, combined with my love of Disney World... fuels my business of crafting unique experiences tailored to your own family. Every part of my planning process and philosophy is centered around you, and making sure that your vacation experience doesn't begin when you board a plane. But as soon as you click that 'inquire' button.


When I'm not chatting with clients...

You can find me fly fishing, planning our next family vacation, reading one of my newest book obessions, snuggling with my daughter or watching the newest action film with my husband! We are James Bond junkies. Hence, our Corgi's name... Moneypenny. 

I know I know, don't judge!

I'm a Team Member of Must Love Travel Group!

An established travel agency that has been in business for 22+ years.
Must Love Travel Group operates under two names, Kingdom Magic Vacations which focuses on Disney and Universal Vacations; and Must Love Travel which focuses on destinations all around the world!

Must Love Travel Group has a passion for helping clients plan unforgettable vacations of all shapes and sizes.
You're in good hands!

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  • Are you part of a team of travel agents?
    I sure am! Just one of the awesome team members from Must Love Travel Group. Being a team member of Must Love Travel allows me access to important travel information, special vacation deals and a team of planners who are more like family than competitors.

  • Do you plan ALL types of vacations or only Disney?
    I get this question a lot! (Obviously, it's in the FAQ section)
    You will see that my main focus is on all Disney Destinations, Universal Studios and all major cruise lines. However, my travel planning experience and expertise does not END there. I have helped clients plan trips to Europe and all over the world. So don't hesitate to reach out and let me know what destination you have in mind!

  • When should I contact you for help with my vacation? Before or after I know where we are going?
    Whether you just decided you want to take a vacation, and have no idea where you should go, or you already know exactly where you want to visit, DON'T HESITATE to contact me first thing. My job isn't to only 'book' your trip for you. I'm here to give you the best ideas for hotels, destinations, dining & activities, all customized to your family's wants & needs!


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