Does constantly trying (and falling short), have you feeling like a crazy person?

Or maybe the better description would be that your feeling stuck
in the overwhelming self doubt pit that makes you feel like...
you’ll never achieve your goals,
never make anyone else happy
and will never be a good enough wife, mom, boss or woman.

I think that almost sums it up.

I’m Lauren Copeland

And I help women get out of their own way so that they can start making what matters happen, and have the confidence to see things through!

Many have called my coaching style warm, inviting, transformational, engaging and downright life changing… but the truth is, I don’t coach so that I can be those awesome things, I coach so that YOU can see those awesome things in YOURSELF!

It seems like there is always a point in life where we realize things just are not working.

And then we head over to Barnes & Noble, read handfuls of helpful books from the Christian Life, and Inspiration sections. We call up our friends and family, seeking advice.
We listen to the latest podcast that should help us get things on track and moving.

But nothing works. At least, not for more than a few days or weeks.

And then it’s back down to the pit. Wondering what we are doing wrong. Why we can’t get things ‘right’.

It effects our marriages. Our parenting. Our businesses. And our own SANITY!
We just want to feel like we are making progress to a life that lights us up!
Not a life that is knee deep in overwhelm, mom-guilt, doubt and perfection.

I used to be one of the we’s in all that above. For years I was constantly falling back down in to the ‘pit’.
I used to believe that it was just how life was going to be. But I wanted so badly to feel purposeful, to make my business passions a reality and to have a daily life that lit me up,
instead of crying at night to my husband that I felt like a bad mom.

 But it didn’t have to be that way, and thank goodness it doesn't have to stay that way for you either, girl!
(‘Aint nobody got time for that’)



I don’t live a life full of ‘shoulds’ and fears anymore.
I get to live a life actually feeling confident in myself, with better relationships
and goals that actually get reached. And through coaching, I get to help women
get out of their own way, and discover a life that works and shines for them, too!



I help women uncover their strengths, that are currently hiding
behind all the ‘mess’.

I create a space for women to feel at ‘home’, so that they can let all of that ‘messiness’ out without judgment.

I support women to step out of the belief that something is wrong with them, simply because they can’t get things ‘right’.

I provide women with a deeper look at what is holding them back from being the woman they want to be, and doing the things they want to do.

The women I work with come in searching, and leave with more confidence, vision and excitement than they ever imagined possible.




Women who get out of their own way...

Values of get out 2.png

I bring my Life Coach Training from the Coaches Training Institute,
along with experience, and passion to every coaching session.

I want to live in a world where women have the chance to get out of their own way,
to make what matters, happen. And it starts right here!

Welcome to my world!

Let's get started!


When I'm not creating irresistible content and talking on the phone with other lovely ladies, you can find me reading one my of newest book obsessions, baking homemade bread, snuggling with my daughter or watching the newest action film with my hubby! We are James Bond junkies, hence our Corgi's name - Moneypenny. I know, I know. Don't judge!